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Pro-Line Trailers is known for being one of the leading trailer companies on the East Coast. Customers from all over Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky travel to factory pickup locations in Elkhart, Indiana on a weekly basis. Why?

We offer a wide selection of new enclosed car trailers for sale, gooseneck trailers, and more, at competitive prices.

With financing and delivery options available, it’s easy to see why Pro-Line Trailers has customers that

  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Missouri
  • Iowa
  • Wisconsin
  • Michigan
  • Pennsylvania
  • Canada
Enclosed Trailer

In short, we go above and beyond to make sure that our Indiana customers have the best trailer buying experience here at Pro-Line Trailers. Pro-Line Trailers also provides trailer accessories – from ramps to winches. Our team of Trailer Experts are also here to help you compare options, place a custom trailer order, and answer any questions you may have.

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