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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Race Car Trailer

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Race Car Trailer

With all the time and money invested in your race car, it only makes sense that you want the most reliable way to transport it.

There are a few facts to consider for your race car trailer setup. While protecting the car is a priority, you also need to think about ease of use and if you can tow it using your current vehicle.

Read on for 4 things to consider when looking for the best race car trailer.

1. Do You Need an Enclosed Race Car Trailer

One of the first decisions is whether you need a covered race car trailer. This depends on a few factors. If you travel long distances, it will definitely offer the best protection.

Road debris and weather damage are real risks when your car is moved on an open trailer. In addition, an enclosed trailer can double as a  long-term storage plan for the vehicle.

It is worth noting that a closed trailer is more expensive than an open version. If you are not traveling long distances or if your car is more about performance than looks, you may want to opt for an open trailer.

If you are new to loading a trailer,  here are tips to do it properly.

2. What Size Trailer Do You Need

When it comes to trailer size, you want enough room, but also keep your budget in mind as well as the size and number of cars you need to transport.

For simple transportation needs, go with the smallest trailer for your vehicle. It will be easier to maneuver and cost less to both purchase and tow.

However, if you need to work inside the trailer, or store tools and parts, make sure you have enough room. Once you choose the trailer, you need to make sure you have  the right hitch for both your vehicle and trailer.

If you have the need to haul heavy equipment, these are  the best trailers to choose from.

3. Is Aluminum or Steel Better

Racecar trailers are generally made from aluminum or steel.

Aluminum trailers are a bit more expensive but they last a long time. They are resistant to rust and are a good investment. Aluminum is also lighter, which may become a factor with towing capacity.

Steel trailers are also durable but do weigh more. They are also prone to rust damage, but this can be treated and increase the life of the trailer.

4. What Is Your Towing Capacity

Before making a purchase you must consider the race car trailer weight and the towing capacity of your vehicle.

Trailers come in different classes, so you need to choose the one that can carry your heaviest car or total weight combination if you plan to transport more than one.

Have Trailer Will Travel

You didn’t spend all that time and money to have your car sitting in the garage. You want to get it out there and race!

With just a little research, you can easily find the best race car trailer for your needs and budget.

For more information on how we can assist with all your trailer needs, please  reach out today.

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