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5 Reasons Why Concession Trailers Are Popping Up In Big Cities

5 Reasons Why Concession Trailers Are Popping Up In Big Cities

What are concession trailers? How are they different from food trucks? Where did they get their start? 

Concession trailers got their start at carnivals, ballparks, festivals, and the like. They are also called vending trailers and are a place to get cold drinks, popcorn, cotton candy, and other snacks. 

They differ from food trucks because they are towable and come in various sizes and shapes. 

If you’re perusing ads for concession trailers for sale, know that there may be quite a few rules and regulations to get started. The good news is that they are in high demand and attract many customers so it’s an idea worth exploring. 

What’s up with this growing trend? Keep reading to discover why concession trailers are popping up in a city near you. 

5 Reasons Concession Trailers Are Hot Right Now

Food concession trailers for sale, especially fully equipped concession trailers for sale are a hot commodity these days. Why is this a growing trend? 

1. Start-Up Costs and Overhead 

Starting vending services on wheels has lower initial startup costs than a brick and mortar building. 

Start-up costs average around $50,000 whereas the average cost to open a restaurant is around $275,000. A concession trailer has a lot fewer overhead costs as well.

Someone with a great food concept can make a more affordable investment and deliver a product that people are looking for on the street. 

2. Mobility to Go Where the People Are

Is there a big festival or concert in town? With a concession trailer, you can hook it up to your truck and go to where the people are. 

Knowing all of the big events happening in your city will help you plan ahead to be there and cash in on the crowd. 

3. New Trend at Special Events

Weddings, grad parties, Bar Mitzvahs, etc. are hiring concession trailers for a unique addition to the party. Allow your guests to get coffee or ice cream, for example, from a trendy concession trailer at your home or the rented venue. 

4. Unique Offerings

Concession trailers often have unique offerings. These range from healthy snacks to ethnic foods to specialty drinks. This is because vending trailers are so easily customized to sell anything your mind can dream up.

Offering something unique and different helps the business to stand out from the crowd… Think cold brew coffee, kombucha, BBQ trailers, etc. 

5. Social Media 

Instagram and Snapchat have elevated the concession trailer and food truck industry. Cute and unique trailers will show up all over social media and will attract new customers. 

People will track you down just to get that perfect Instagram shot. Owners can use social media to post menus and locations making it easy for followers to find them. 

Is It a Trend That’s Here to Stay? 

Now that you know why concession trailers are popping up in big cities, do you want to jump into this business trend? See our current inventory of enclosed vending trailers or browse our full selection of trailers available today.

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