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6 Benefits of Using Equipment Trailers for Your Construction Business

6 Benefits of Using Equipment Trailers for Your Construction Business

Equipment trailers are used in a variety of different industries, including construction. Over 380,000 trailers were manufactured in a year, with an output of over $12 billion, and one of the most popular types is equipment trailers. So, why should you use an equipment trailer in your construction business?

If you are about to launch a construction project, it is time to invest in equipment trailers. Heavy-duty equipment trailers are designed to transport construction equipment and perform other tasks. They can work in various ways and aid your construction work.

Are you interested in investing in an equipment trailer? Read on to learn the top six benefits of using equipment trailers for your construction business.

1. More Secure

Construction equipment theft is a harsh reality, and with only 25% of stolen equipment recovered each year, preparation is better than cure. One of the best ways to secure your construction equipment is in an equipment trailer.

It can be a hassle to transport your construction gear each day from one site to the next or store it in another locked area. Instead, you can look for equipment trailers for sale or rent that can securely hold your gear. You can add additional security such as locks for more peace of mind.

You do not want to worry about construction equipment when it is in transition, especially if trucks need to stop in unsecured locations for some time. Instead, use equipment trailers that have security features to transport gear.

An equipment trailer can hold tools securely, so they are easily accessed, but there is also no less risk of equipment damage. You do not want costly repairs for storing equipment conveniently but incorrectly.

2. Time Savings

Equipment trailers for rent or sale offer an accessible way to transport equipment easily. You do not have to worry about time lost when staff has to travel between the site and office. Instead, use an equipment trailer to act as an easy way to transport how many goods.

Trailers have all the features to operate efficiently. Trailers can also be attached to different trucks, allowing trailer usage flexibility. You just need to check the load capacity of vehicles.

3. Less Effort

Equipment trailers can carry a variety of construction equipment, and there are specific heavy-duty trailers for heavier items. This adds a lot of convenience for the entire team and can enhance working efficiency. Everything is accessible, which saves effort and improves the organization of the project.

Essential tools such as concrete mixers and drills need to be on-site every day. Save effort by using heavy equipment trailers that can easily carry substantial loads.

4. Cost-Effective

Equipment trailers are also a cost-effective investment for your construction business. You save money in a variety of different ways, including:

  • Less risk of theft and damaged equipment
  • Reduce travel time and unnecessary travel time
  • Safe for drivers

You have a trailer that is secure but also inexpensive. There are also different cost options for equipment trailers. You can look at equipment trailers for rent if you need a specific trailer for a particular project.

Or, if you want a trailer for multiple projects, it will work out more cost-effective to look for equipment trailers for sale. Some equipment trailer providers also offer payment plans to make it more affordable and accessible. For example, Pro-Line trailers offer $0 Down Financing subject to approved credit on heavy-duty equipment trailers.

Avoid multiple journeys by using cars that are not appropriate for gear transport. You also risk liability issues if employees transport gear in inappropriate vehicles, leading to safety issues. You need to maintain your equipment trailer to ensure you get the most out of the investment.

5. Safe and Compliant

There is a high risk of injury if you do not use a suitable trailer to transport construction equipment. Trailers specifically designed for heavy-duty equipment transportation will protect equipment and staff, even over long distances. For example, Pro-Line Trailers include features like:

  • 16” Steel, 8 Bolt Wheels
  • 16” Radials Tires
  • Heavy Duty Safety Chains
  • 20” x 60” Flip-Up Ramps
  • DOT Approved LED/Boxed tail-in tail lights/DOT Tape
  • Slipper Spring Suspension

Equipment trailers reduce the risk of accidents and ensure equipment stays secure with less risk of damage. They are also compliant with road safety rules, so there will be no delays to transportation or legality issues. Do not worry about breakdowns or multiple journeys due to poorly designed trailers.

The trailers protect staff members, as there is less risk of equipment loosening, poor lighting, or accidents occurring while traveling. Trailers have features such as electric brakes and lighting to ensure they function with vehicles.

6. Variety of Options

There are a variety of equipment trailers available to suit all construction trailer needs. Several factors will impact your trailer choices, such as your truck’s towing capacity, trip distances, and cargo considerations. However, different equipment trailer options include:

  • Landscaping trailers
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Gooseneck trailers
  • Utility trailers
  • Tilt trailers

For example, a flatbed trailer can be loaded from the top, rear, and sides, which allows it to handle everything from construction materials to mobile homes. A gooseneck trailer stands out because it has a curved neck instead of a simple hitch, which is suitable if you have a specific vehicle like a pickup truck.

Tilt trailers offer ease when loading and unloading cargo, reducing load angle and improving efficiency. So whatever your equipment trailer needs, there is a suitable option available.

All equipment trailers offer benefits, but specific designs help target your construction equipment needs for the best efficiency.

Equipment Trailers for Sale

There are many benefits of using equipment trailers for your construction business. If you want to improve productivity, protect equipment, and make cost savings, it is time to invest.

However, not all equipment trailers are created equally. You should pick a reputable trailer provider.

A reputable trailer provider will be knowledgeable about their trailer options and provide quality options to aid your business. Always check company reviews, their payment plans, and warranty options.

Are you ready to invest in an equipment trailer? Pro-Line Trailers have a variety of trailers, including equipment trailers. Contact us today to learn more.

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