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6 Essential Features of BBQ Trailers

6 Essential Features of BBQ Trailers

Barbequing has been an American culinary tradition since the 19th century. Today, there are even more ways than ever to enjoy the barbequing experience than in your traditional cooking kitchen. With a trailer, you can take your barbequing skills on the road and have all the tools you would normally find in your classic kitchen. So if you’re in the market for BBQ trailers, here are six of the must-have features you should look for.

1. Basic BBQ Trailer Features

BBQ trailers come in all shapes and sizes, so you have a few options to fit your needs.

If you plan on using a trailer for commercial purposes or large events, you’ll need something like a BBQ concession trailer.

On a basic level, your BBQ concession trailer will have a main smoking/grilling station as the main cart. This section will have a trailer hookup axel, and the whole thing runs on wheels so can attach your towing vehicle and barbeque on the go.

There are still some highlight features that make certain trailers stand out from others.

2. Insulated Firebox

Your firebox it’s your primary source of heat for all the cooking mechanics on the trailer, so you need a good one.

Fireboxes with 2-inch thick insulation are often the best choice because they burn more efficiently by using less wood, and they produce clearer smoke.

Compared to normal fireboxes, insulated ones also last longer and require less painting and cleaning maintenance.

3. Warming Box

One of the functions of a firebox is to heat your warming box, where you’ll keep food hot until ready for serving. This is an important part of any barbequing station so you should select your firebox carefully.

With your warming box, you want to make sure there are dials to help monitor the moisture levels of food and prevent it from drying out.

After all, you want your BBQ to be both hot and juicy.

4. Hot Water Heater

You may think that not all trailers need hot water heaters, but trailers are actually required to have hot water heaters especially for commercial purposes.

These units are composed of the heater itself, a showerhead fixture, and a battery compartment (typically one that requires two D cell batteries).

While water heaters are useful, you should also make sure that yours comes with safeguards to prevent any accidents.

For instance, water heaters that turn off at a certain temperature can help you avoid overheating and power blowouts.

5. Stainless Steel Grates

In order to get those perfect grill marks, you need those steel grates.

Most likely, you’ll want to BBQ multiple foods at a time, so look for wide grills that are about 16″x 16″.

The best grates are food-grade stainless steel and rust-resistant. However, this shouldn’t stop you from oiling and cleaning them regularly.

6. BBQ Smoker Accessories

Grill and smoker trailer accessories can improve the whole BBQ experience.

Tools such as storage boxes allow you to easily access and carry materials with you.

Instead of having to carry separate bags or coolers, storage boxes can save you a headache when you’re trying to transport a lot of food and cooking materials at a time.

Hanging racks and meat hooks are also important accessories for your trailer. They may seem like minor features, but they provide a sanitary space to temporarily place food and keep it one space.

Finding Your BBQ Trailers

These are just some factors to consider when you’re buying BBQ trailers. So what about pricing and finding the right one for you?

We can help with that.

If you’re wondering how you can afford a trailer or how to find one in your area, we have financing options and pickup/delivery options.

Contact us today and we’ll help you get yours!

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