You are currently viewing Bringing the BBQ: 5 Tips for a Successful BBQ Trailer Business

Bringing the BBQ: 5 Tips for a Successful BBQ Trailer Business

Bringing the BBQ: 5 Tips for a Successful BBQ Trailer Business

You want to sling BBQ from a food truck. But what if your business is destined to go up in smoke?

Food trucks and trailers are sweeping the nation by storm. But for everyone that finds success, countless more fall by the wayside.

Wondering how to start a successful BBQ trailer? Keep reading to discover our five best tips!

1. Trailer Design

Selling BBQ from a food truck or trailer? The first thing you should focus on is the design of the trailer itself.

For instance, you must have enough cargo room. Without enough room for food, your food business fails before it even begins.

Consider used trucks that handled BBQ before. If you get lucky, they may come with most of the equipment you need.

Finally, make sure you know someone local who can perform BBQ food trailer maintenance. When things break down, you’ll already know who to turn to.

2. Customer-centric

The success of a food truck comes down to convenience for the customer. Your business and truck placement should all focus on customer experience.

For instance, you should be located in an area where foot traffic is abundant. Make it easy for customers to come to you and you’ll get more customers!

Consider specials for groups like military and police officers. This makes your business seem community-focused.

Finally, try to run specials: customers will be excited they have found a deal!

3. The Right Insurance

You’re going to need insurance for your business. Specifically, you’re going to need food service vehicle insurance.

The truck isn’t likely to get into traditional automobile accidents. But this kind of insurance can help to protect food and truck damage that comes from operating all day, especially under a hot sun.

4. Research the Area

Want to start a BBQ food trailer in a new area? It’s important to research that area first.

For example, the area might already have dozens of food trucks. That’s a lot of competition, and it may be tough for you to find customers.

Alternately, there may be a number of traditional BBQ restaurants in the area. You’ll need to figure out if you’ll be successful at luring their customers away.

Finally, you’ll want to figure out any special city laws and ordinances about food trucks. These can end up cutting into your bottom line if you’re not careful!

5. You Must Stand Out

A food trailer has one thing in common with other businesses: it’s important that you stand out.

Don’t offer the same BBQ recipes and dishes everyone else offers. Instead, try bold combinations of flavors and plates.

It may be as simple as making your food a “fusion” with something else. The overall goal is to show locals that you have something new to offer them.

BBQ Trailer: The Bottom Line

Now you know more about running a successful BBQ trailer. But do you know where you can find a trailer of your own?

At Pro-Line Trailers, we’ve got the selection and prices of trucks you are looking for. To see how we can help you kick off your business, just contact us today!

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