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Dump Trailers Make Hauling Work Easier

Dump Trailers Make Hauling Work Easier

Dump trailers make #haulingwork easier. Just in time for fall, Pro-Line Trailers is updating our inventory of dump trailers for sale, from light, medium, to heavy duty and commercial grade.

New Dump Trailer Inventory

Pro-Line Trailers is stocking up on dump trailers for sale at the Boones Mill, Virginia headquarters. Hydraulic dump trailers, gooseneck dump trailers, and commercial grade dumpers are in for the toughest jobs. Small and light duty trailers are available for lighter payloads, like hauling an ATV or transporting small equipment.

Some of the more popular features on our dump trailers include:

  • All Tube Steel Frame
  • Steel Diamond Plate Fenders
  • Fender Side Steps
  • Lockable Tongue-mounted Control Box
  • Hydraulic Pump and Remote Cable
  • Dual Cylinder
  • Removable Loading Ramps
  • Multi-Purpose Rear Gate
  • All Wheel Electric Brakes
  • Break-Away Kit

Small Dump Trailers

Hauling a smaller load like an ATV? Light duty dump trailers like our 7′ small dumper can handle a 1 ton payload, at a GVWR of 2,530 lbs.

“This DOT legal dump trailer can haul an ATV on the highway and then convert to trail behind off road, dumping loads with its 12V battery hydraulic system. Four wheelers, lawn mowers and even compact tractors can all be transported easily.”

Light Duty Dump Trailers

Without getting to hefty, our 9′ light duty dump trailer can safely haul nearly 3,800 lbs. Perfect for hauling a smaller piece of equipment.

Medium Duty Dump Trailers

Medium duty dumpers include our 7 x 12 trailer, ready to roll at 12,000 GVW.

7 x 12 Dump Trailer Walk-around

Heavy Duty Dump Trailers

For tougher jobs, our heavy duty 7 x 14 dump trailer is rated at 14,000 GVW.

7 x 14 Dump Trailer Walk-around

Gooseneck Dump Trailers

To meet even the roughest demands, 16,000 GVW can get the job done. Our 16′ gooseneck dump trailer isn’t for the faint of heart. This commercial grade trailer is built to stand up to the task at hand.

Dump Trailers for Every Job

Our line-up of dump trailers ranges from small push over to professional grade, heavy duty dump trailers, and are made with the highest quality materials. Features like dump gate options, loading ramps, and low profiles make it easy and safe to transport equipment, debris, or whatever the job demands.

Style Application
Stationary Platform Transport Equipment
Deck-over (DT) Construction
Drop Deck (DT & DT HD) Heavy Duty Hauling
See all dump trailer styles.

We can help you find the right dumper for your application to ensure the safest, most reliable haul. Whether you need the “plain Jane” dumper that offers the basics necessities to get the job done, or the latest and greatest dump trailer with all the bells and whistles, Pro-Line Trailers has you covered.

Trailer financing is available on some models to make it even easier to get the trailer you need.

Browse Dump Trailers for Sale

Ready to find a quality dump trailer? Browse our selection of in-stock trailers or give our trailer sales team a call (540) 334-4182 at to get a quote today!


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