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Gooseneck Trailers: What Are They Used For?

Gooseneck Trailers: What Are They Used For?

Getting to tow something behind your own vehicle is a wonderful thing. How would you use a reliable, heavy-duty trailer if you had one?

Perhaps you already have one of today’s top SUVs used for towing. Now, all you need is the right trailer for your needs.

Well, have you considered the reliability of gooseneck trailers? This is a popular option for both commercial and private uses. Keep reading to learn all of the ways that gooseneck trailers can be helpful.

What Is a Gooseneck Trailer?

These commercial trailers are a type of trailer commonly used for hauling heavy loads. They’re called “goosenecks” because they have a curved extension that resembles the neck of a goose.

This extension is connected to the towing vehicle at a point directly over the rear axle. This allows for more control when towing.

They’re often used for hauling cars, livestock, horses, and heavy equipment like construction machinery. They’re also popular with RV enthusiasts who use them to haul fifth-wheel campers.

Small Business Owners

Gooseneck trailers are a popular choice for small business owners. This is of particular value for those who need to transport heavy or large inventory.

The unique design of these trailers allows them to attach to the bed of a pickup truck with ease. This provides increased stability and maneuverability.

Gooseneck trailers come in a range of sizes and weight capacities, too. This is ideal for meeting the needs of different kinds of businesses.

They offer a convenient and cost-effective way to transport equipment to job sites and events. By increasing this efficiency, they ultimately help businesses save time and money.

Motorsports Enthusiasts

Commercial trailers like the “gooseneck” model come in a variety of even more specific styles. These can include options like race car trailers and motorcycle trailers. They’re ideal for individuals who participate in racing events or own a motorcycle.

Further, there are personalized storage and customization options. This can further ensure your investment in one of these trailers will be worthwhile since it’s exactly suited to you. Overall, choosing the right trailer can help make your motorsports experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Event Planners

Your chosen trailer provider should also offer concession trailers. These are perfect for events like fairs, festivals, and concerts.

These commercial trailers would be designed with a crowd in mind. They’re intended to provide a mobile food and beverage service for event attendees.

Concession trailers can be customized with the needs of the food provider in mind. It might include features like sinks, refrigeration, and cooking equipment. Experienced food vendors should appreciate this flexibility and find exactly what they’re looking for in a trailer.

Gooseneck trailers are also a great choice for event planners. They can be used for transporting photo booths or other photography equipment, for instance.

Concession trailers like these can be used for a variety of events. They’ll prove useful for everything from small gatherings to large festivals.

Landscapers and Contractors

There are a variety of trailers that can be used for transporting landscaping and construction equipment. Gooseneck trailers would be ideal since they’re specifically designed for heavy loads. They’ll be able to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use without question.

Landscaping trailers typically feature ramps or lift gates. These make it much easier to load and unload lawnmowers or other equipment.

Construction trailers can be customized just like other gooseneck models. If you need yours to accommodate a lot of tools and equipment, just work with your trailer provider. They’ll be able to help you find the right fit.

They’re also a cost-effective alternative to renting equipment and moving vehicles. DIY vehicle towing like this can make a lot of day-to-day operations easier and more affordable.

Individuals Who Move Frequently

Enclosed trailers protect items from the elements and potential theft. So, if you move a lot, investing in an enclosed gooseneck trailer might be in your best interest.

The gooseneck hitch system distributes weight evenly between the tow vehicle and trailer. This allows more stability and control while towing than other types of trailers.

This helps reduce the risk of swaying and provides a smoother ride. You’ll be grateful for that when towing expensive furniture or belongings.

Enclosed gooseneck trailers also offer more storage space than other types of trailers. They can be customized with shelving, hooks, and other storage options to fit the needs of the owner.

Overall, gooseneck trailers are a reliable and secure option for individuals who need to transport their belongings. It’s ideal whether they are moving frequently or just need to transport large items occasionally.

Associated Costs

The typical cost of a new gooseneck trailer can vary depending on the size and features. On average, a new gooseneck trailer can cost between $10,000 to $30,000. However, larger trailers with more features can cost even more.

The cost of a used gooseneck trailer can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. It’s important to consider the condition of the trailer before purchasing a used one.

Used trailers may require additional maintenance or repairs. This can add to the overall cost.

Another factor to consider is the age of the trailer. Older trailers may not have the latest safety features. Ultimately, the cost of a gooseneck trailer will depend on the individual needs and budget of the buyer.

Buy From a Trustworthy Trailer Provider

Be sure to choose a reputable and experienced provider. This can ensure that you get a high-quality and reliable gooseneck trailer that meets your needs. Plus, they might offer trailer repair and maintenance services that could come in handy later on.

A trusted provider can offer customization options to meet your specific requirements. Examples might include size, weight capacity, and features like ramps or tie-downs.

When buying a gooseneck trailer, it’s important to consider the type of cargo you’ll be hauling, too. Also, keep your available budget in mind.

A reliable provider can help you navigate these considerations. They’ll know how to best suit your towing needs – keeping towing capacity in mind. In working with experts like us at Pro-Line, you’ll find the right gooseneck trailer in no time.

Find the Best Gooseneck Trailers

You now have a better understanding of the potential value of gooseneck trailers. If you’re ready to invest in your own, no matter what the purpose, you’re in luck.

We source and provide the most reliable trailers and towing parts just for you. Take some time to browse through our inventory of gooseneck trailers available to you now.

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