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How to Load a Car onto a Hydraulic Tilt Trailer

How to Load a Car onto a Hydraulic Tilt Trailer

When it comes to open car trailers, the hydraulic tilt deck trailer is among the easiest to use. Use of a hydraulic lift ensures that the deck lifts slowly and smoothly, with minimal effort on your part. It also prevents the bed from slamming down, ensuring the safety of the operator and the vehicle.

This short video shows you exactly how to load a car onto a trailer with a hydraulic tilt bed. You can also follow the simple steps we’ve outlined below.

How to load a car onto a tilt bed trailer

  1. Safety first! Be sure all vehicles and bystanders are a safe distance from the hydraulic tilt bed trailer.
  2. Pull the quick release located on the side of the trailer deck.
  3. Lock the release in place.
  4. The hydraulic lift will engage. Be sure to step away from the truck while the deck raises and tilts to the ground.
  5. Check the angle and be sure to hydraulic cylinder is engaged.
  6. Carefully drive or load the vehicle onto the lift. Be mindful of weight distribution.
  7. Once the vehicle is loaded, the hydraulic lift will automatically engage and slowly tilt the bed back into place.

After the car is safely loaded onto the trailer, you can use the D-rings to lock the vehicle into place. Don’t forget to lock the release to disengage the lift. Follow these same steps in reverse order to safely unload the vehicle once you reach your destination.

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