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Pre-Tow Horse Trailer and Camper Service

Pre-Tow Horse Trailer and Camper Service

It’s been quite a long winter and we’re still waiting for the ground to thaw, or at least dry out! Who’s ready for some outdoor adventure? Get ready to tap your outdoor warrior and pull out the travel trailers.

Spring Cleaning and Trailer Maintenance


With the spring towing season revving up, it’s perfect timing to take your idle trailers out of storage and put those axels and gears into motion. Can you imagine exploring your favorite campgrounds and trails with the family or riding horses in luscious fields or along the beautiful Virginia coastlines?

We know what you do want, but here’s what you don’t want. The weather breaks, you’re packed and ready to roll, and you’re finally cruising down the highway. A few miles into the drive, BAM! and there’s a loud noise that you’ll need to stop to investigate.

Avoid Mechanical Breakdowns

Nothing’s worse than experiencing a mechanical breakdown or tire blowout on the road that interrupts plans right when you’re traveling to your long-awaited destination. Unfortunately, we can relate.

Avoid this unwelcome scenario by being proactive.

Schedule your Maintenance Service

Now is the perfect time to schedule your preventative maintenance checks for your Horse Trailers and Campers. We service 35+ cities across the state of Virginia plus additional states. Learn more about the states we serve.

Ask for one of our skilled technicians at our Pro-Line Trailers Repair & Service Shop when you call our toll-free number at 844-977-6546 or complete our online contact form to set up an appointment.

Here’s what our technicians offer during a regular pre-tow check for Horse Trailers and Campers at our on-site Trailer Service Department headquartered in Boones Mill, Virginia.

Regular preventative maintenance includes:

  • Performing tire checks for damage, dry rot, cuts, punctures or weak spots
  • Checking air pressure in the tires and spare tire
  • Performing tire rotations, if needed
  • Testing brake lights, hazard lights, and turn signals
  • Maintaining electrical systems, reviewing wiring, replacing blown fuses
  • Checking that wheels, tires, and axles are properly matched
  • Inspecting and torqueing wheel nuts and bolts
  • Greasing wheel bearings and axles
  • Tightening loose floor decking for structural integrity
  • Power washing the trailer exterior

If the Trailer or Camper has living quarters, service includes:

  • Cleaning out plumbing, sewage system and sewer vent
  • Testing batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

Starting to get amped about your future camping trips or maybe you’re chomping at the bit to hit the horse show circuit? It’s never too early to start travel planning while our technicians happily perform your yearly trailer safety checks and maintenance.

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But before you load the horses, pack the camping gear, and set your GPS for the open road, remember to schedule a pre-tow preventative maintenance appointment through our Pro-Line Trailers Repair & Service Shop today!

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