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Sites to See Around Pro-Line

Sites to See Around Pro-Line

Are you thinking about a new trailer but aren’t sure about the drive to pick one up? Pro-Line Trailers wants to make your trip worthwhile with our low prices and great staff, but the area around our Boones Mill headquarters has plenty of sites to offer on its own to make your trip worth every second!

Historical Sites & Museums

Southwest Virginia is a place filled with history and the monuments and sites to remember it by.

Booker T. Washington Monument

Twenty minutes out from us in Boones Mill, the Booker T. Washington Monument is a glimpse into the early life of one of the greatest African-American minds of his time. Maintained to look and feel as it was at the time of Booker’s life, the park is filled with trails to walk and activities to join in on.

The Booker T. Washington Monument

Virginia Museum of Transportation

Located about 30 minutes away, in the heart of Roanoke, the Transportation Museum is a throwback that is great for the whole family! The museum offers classes and activities for kids from preschool to K-12, while providing nostalgia and fascinating history for the adults too!   The Virginia Museum of Transportation is also home to the nationally-renowned steam train, the 611.   The Museum is the final wish of O. Winston Link, a photographer of steam trains who wished to keep them running for generations to come.   His own museum is just across the tracks and also makes a great stop for the whole family!

The 611 traveling from the Virginia Museum of Transportation

Mill Mountain Star

The most iconic symbol in the area, the neon star that sits above Roanoke, about 20 minutes from our Boones Mill location, is a tourist favorite!   Located on the top face of Mill Mountain, the star is more than just an icon.   It is surrounded by the beautiful Mill Mountain Park, the family-friendly Mill Mountain Zoo (a favorite of the kids!), and is accessed by riding along the gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway.   Camping grounds and overlooks abound, making for a beautiful and stress-free day.

The Mill Mountain Star at night.

State Parks

A place known for its beautiful vistas and mountain sites, Southwest Virginia is as good as it gets.   This is accentuated by numerous state parks where you can take the family to relax and take in the sites while on your way to get your new trailer.

Smith Mountain Lake

Half an hour from our Boones Mill shop, Smith Mountain Lake is a favorite place to spend the day.   Its beautiful views are known for hundreds of miles around.   It features the best of both worlds, including camping, swimming, hiking, and boating.

The view over Smith Mtn. Lake.

Explore Park

25 minutes towards Roanoke, Explore Park is a blast to the past.   Located on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Explore Park features miles and miles of trails around houses dating far back into American history.   It is the location of many different activities for the whole family, including kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, and canoeing.

The Visitor’s Center at Explore Park.

Take Your Trip into Your Own Hands

Your time is important and here at Pro-Line, we understand that and appreciate you giving it to us.   So while you are on your way to us, take charge of your trip and make it as good as it can be.   Here are links to help you make the most of your ride:

Visit Roanoke

Virginia State Parks

Virginia Historical Sites

So head on over today!   And if you reserve your trailer before your trip, the staff here at Pro-Line will make sure its ready for you when you get here, so your downtime is as little as possible.

So go ahead and contact us today and check out our great selection of trailers!

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