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Trailers & Racing Virginia Month

Trailers & Racing Virginia Month

April’s almost over, which means the first ever “Racing Virginia Month” is coming to a close.

Racing Virginia Month was made an official celebratory month by the Governor of Virginia back in March, 2017. Although this April marks the inaugural Racing Virginia Month, racing has deep roots that go back over seven decades and is closely intertwined with the state of Virginia’s history.

As Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said, “Few states have such a strong connection with motor racing and NASCAR as Virginia.”

You can’t have racing without car trailers. Enclosed trailers are used to transport every type of race car to its next destination safely. So we’re excited to see this month become official.

We’ve often talked about our passion for racing, as well as for our hometown area of Boones Mill, VA, so it only makes sense that Racing Virginia Month would be right up our alley.

(Did you know? All the various celebratory days and months weren’t just created for social media. In fact, there’s a registry and process for registering a National Day/Month, and it takes an act of Congress to make one official! We’re so passionate about trailers and what we do, we even considered throwing “Pro-Line Trailers Trailer Day” into the ring!)

Racing Virginia Month May Be Over, But More Race Fun Is Still To Come!

VIRginia International Raceway is holding the Pirelli World Challenge on Saturday. There will be beautiful Nissan and fast Ferrari cars racing for top international titles. Be sure to check out more info or buy tickets on!

During next weekend’s racing event, be sure to find us on Snapchat.

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