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Ultimate Guide to Emergency Response Trailers

Ultimate Guide to Emergency Response Trailers

Natural disasters, viral outbreaks, and serious fire hazards, what do these three things have in common?

All of them can benefit from the presence of emergency response trailers. But what, might you ask, are emergency response trailers? 

An emergency response trailer is a trailer that has been outfitted with all the equipment required to deal with a particular crisis. That means for each of the above scenarios, and many more, there is a particular emergency response trailer that is suited for the job.

Below we are going to detail the similarities shared between all emergency response trailers. We will also detail some of the different types of emergency response trailers today.

Emergency Response Trailers: What Do They Have in Common?

All emergency response trailers are designed to be able to hook onto a vehicle, the same as any ordinary trailer. There are several purposes for trailers, such as transporting livestock, holding equipment or towing cars. Emergency response trailers differ in that they are designed for quick responses to emergencies.

For many councils, they are a critical asset. This is because they are equipped with everything required should an emergency occur.

For example, an emergency response trailer fitted for a pandemic would have hazmat suits and medical equipment on board. Meanwhile, an emergency response trailer for a forest fire would hold the necessary fire equipment and water supply. 

The types of emergency response trailers available can, therefore, be vast. We will go into further detail on some of these trailer types below. But all trailers do have some things in common. 

They will all typically include power and lighting so that people can work within them. This is essential, as the trailer often serves as a base of operations for emergency staff.

Emergency response trailers will also include large amounts of storage space. They will often include the latest technology such as wireless communication. This is so that those in the trailer can work with a team working further away.

They are also all known as enclosed utility trailers. This means they are waterproof and fully enclosed trailers, to protect those working inside from the elements.

Beyond this, the main feature of emergency response trailers is in their customizability. They are often made to order for very specific purposes. This is why there are many different types of emergency response trailers available.

Types of Emergency Response Trailers

This list is not exhaustive, as there are emergency response trailers for every possible emergency. These are however some of the more common trailers you’ll find on the market today.

Hazmat Trailers

Hazmat Trailers are designed to transport and deal with hazardous waste or chemicals. They are also known as  Decontamination Trailers. Emergency response teams may have different trailers for different levels of emergency.

For example, SENHHMMAD (South Eastern New Hampshire Hazardous Materials Mutual Aid District) have a Hazmat Team Intervention Trailer for Level 2 emergencies, and a Hazmat Team Decontamination Trailer they use as well for Level 3 emergencies. 

These are particularly necessary for areas near a chemical plant, but a hazardous chemical emergency can happen anywhere. Some companies even make decontamination shower trailers for these emergencies.

Just like any regular trailer, all emergency response trailers need to be properly maintained.

Law Enforcement Trailers

Law enforcement trailers are designed to be used by police units. They can include specially produced emergency training trailers, mobile command trailers or mobile law enforcement trailers.

They are usually designed for situations when the law needs to be situated in a specific location for an extended period of time. Because of the importance of communication, they will always be outfitted with the latest equipment.

You’ll likely have seen trailers like this on films when they stake out a property. Some of these trailers even have beds or kitchens to ensure the staff using them can work there for very long periods of time.

Medical Trailers

Emergency response medical trailers are designed to react to an ongoing medical crisis. They can be deployed on sites where a natural disaster has occurred to treat victims. They are also known as  Casualty Response Trailers. 

For some very serious disasters, casualty response trailers will be called as well as other trailers like  Fire Response. Sometimes trailers are created specifically for a certain event and known as  Disaster Response.This way, several forms of emergency service can work on a site at any one time. 

For all these trailers, drivers must remain safe whilst transporting them to their location.

And Many More

There are almost too many emergency response trailer types to keep track of. There are  Mobile Agriculture Labs which can assist in emergencies for onsite testing. These can otherwise be used for education or training purposes.

There are also  Animal Rescue Trailers which work similarly to trailers created to transport animals. But these also have the necessary veterinary equipment to treat animals. They could also be designed for exotic animals in situations where they have been spotted in residential areas.

Mine Rescue Units are emergency response trailers designed to rescue people who are stuck down mines. They will be outfitted to be driven on rockier terrain and have all the required equipment for mine rescuers. 

As you can see, there are simply loads of different types of emergency response trailers. If you can conceive of an emergency, there will be a trailer on the market for it or a company that can design one for you.

Where Do I Find out More About Emergency Response Trailers?

If you want more information on emergency response trailers or are an organization in need of one, you can contact us directly.

Pro-line Trailers are specialists in enclosed trailer designs which include those created with emergency response in mind. 

We also offer trailer inspection, services or repairs for anyone having trouble with their current trailer.

If you need your trailer to be prepared for the next potential emergency, get in touch with us today.

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