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Your Guide to Determining the Right Enclosed Trailer Size

Your Guide to Determining the Right Enclosed Trailer Size

If you’re someone who loves driving a trailer, choosing the right enclosed trailer size can be a challenging task. There are many factors to consider when browsing the market for a brand new trailer, especially when you have a budget to maintain. Luckily, there are many options available when you’re ready to look at the different sizes of enclosed trailers.

A big question someone will ask is “what is the right size of enclosed trailer needed for their specific purposes?” Information such as the type of load being towed or the size of your vehicle is likely going to influence which trailer you want to go with. Before you buy anything, you’ll need to gather a few key pieces of information in order to determine the size of the trailer you want to purchase.

Want to know even more about getting the right enclosed trailer size? Keep reading our guide with helpful tips that explain how to choose the right trailer size for yourself.

The Different Sizes of Encloses Trailers

There are a plethora of size options for enclosed trailers, each with their own applications they are best suited for. You have a choice between six-foot-wide, seven-foot wide, and 8.5-foot wide enclosed trailers. Each size offers different cargo carrying capacity and maneuverability.

The six-foot-wide trailer can handle thousands of pounds of cargo, despite looking smaller compared to other enclosed trailers. It comes with model options for a single and tandem axle. This is a popular choice.

A seven-foot wide enclosed trailer can carry more cargo, but also retain the same maneuverability as the six-foot-wide trailer model. This is good when you need to move a lot of cargo through a tight area, such as an urban street with lots of traffic. This size can meet a lot of different needs for towing cargo even if you aren’t in a high-traffic area.

And finally, the 8.5-foot-wide trailer is the biggest option, offering the largest cargo space and number of options for the model. Most who use this larger size often have very valuable possessions that need to be moved or a large amount of cargo for a location, such as a food truck or transportation of another vehicle. The range of length you get can with this enclosed trailer is vast, starting at 8.5×14 all the way up to 8.5×32 in length.

Something to keep in mind too is how there are options to add on more space if needed. This can include adding on axels or ladders to help increase the payload capacity. The extra utilities can come in handy if the job you have requires some unforeseen changes or extra care needed.

Knowing Tow Power and What You Tow

Not every option is the best option for what you need, especially if you have a specific vehicle to tow your cargo. Larger-sized enclose trailers will require more powerful vehicles to haul their cargo around, especially with the weight of what that cargo is. You have to ask yourself, is my vehicle powerful enough to pull this load around?

You’ll want to pay attention to the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) on your vehicle’s specifications. This is the absolute maximum weight that you can pull when your trailer is fully loaded. Knowing this beforehand while browsing through different trailers will help narrow down options for which trailer is the best choice.

Although it might be obvious, having a deep knowledge of what you’re hauling is important as well. It’s one of the most important enclosed trailer buying tips you can be told. If you know you’re going to tow heavy cargo over a great distance, such as a collectible car, then you’ll want to opt for a larger-sized enclosed trailer.

Budgeting Right

Of course, another aspect that is just as important as anything else is keeping a smart budget. Larger-sized enclosed trailers are going to cost more, due to their size and extra options you can pick from. When you have a good idea of what size trailer you’ll need, then you can have a more realistic idea of what budget you’ll have to set for yourself.

Different sizes of enclosed trailers are going to have varying costs, but you’ll still have a variety of options for all sizes. If you’re looking to acquire an enclosed trailer for a business, then having a high budget in mind would be a smart idea to have even more choices open to you. This is also a good idea for the potential growth of your business, which can benefit from the extra space of a larger trailer over time.

The same can be said with the opposite of this. If you just need a trailer to move around personal items or a smaller vehicle you own, then getting a smaller size at a cheaper price will work well. You can get by having just enough space if all you’re doing is towing something that doesn’t require a lot of space alone or will change in sizes, such as an ATV or bike.

Knowing How to Pick the Right Trailer

After reading through our helpful guide on how to choose an enclosed trailer, you’ll have an easier time picking the right enclosed trailer size for yourself. Making a big purchase like this can be a challenge for anyone without the proper knowledge in mind. But with all of our tips from this guide, you’ll be able to get the best trailer for the job you need.

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